Mantra Made Clothing offers handmade/ slow fashion items including a collection of upcycled scarves & dresses. Every piece has a special mantra on the tag. These mantras are inspired by spiritual teachers, books, quotes, & life.

Upcycling & slow/ ethical fashion take the burden off the environment and not only prevent textile waste from going into landfills but also offer people a diversion from mass consumerism/ fast fashion. With every slow fashion/ upcycled item you purchase you prevent unnecessary waste & your money funds sustainable, ethical practices in Kentucky.

If you feel at all inspired, curious, or pulled toward this, here are some ways you can help:

  1. Join the mailing list!!!
  2. Do you own a boutique or yoga studio & would like to carry Mantra Made clothing?  Let’s talk: tara@mantramadeclothing.com
  3. Clothing donations- Donate a bag of gently used clothing & I’ll reward you with a $10 off discount on any item!
  4. Work with me- sewing, making tags, social media, marketing, research.
  5. Blogging- blog about Mantra Made Clothing.
  6. Press- write about Mantra Made Clothing
  7. Co-branding/ collaboration on products, photoshoots, marketing.  (example: if you make jewelry we could feature models wearing MM clothing with your jewelry and share resources/ save $).

Contact:  tara@mantramadeclothing.com

Sign up for Mantra Made’s newsletter!  Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Special discounts
  • Free shipping
  • seasonal mantra playlists each with a unique theme
  • early access to new products
  • chance to enter giveaways
  • updates/ news about Mantra Made Clothing

Join Mantra Made on Instagram!

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