Meet the Model: Ali

DSC_8763.jpgMeet the model: Ali teaches art to kids ages 4-10 at the Arts Council of Southern Indiana & prior to that she was a propogation house manager for a farm in California that fed 70 families & raised goats & chickens. She has also harvested bananas on a 2 acre farm in Hawaii. Ali now lives in New Albany, Indiana where she is opening an art education center called Point of Creation. The studio will be open to all ages & provide classes in fine art drawing, loom weaving, nature mandalas, & healing arts. Ali was so much fun to shoot these kimonos with!!!

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Meet the Model: Courtney

DSC_8517.jpgMeet the model: Courtney is an art teacher who spends the majority of her time planning & creating lessons for her middle school art classes in Oldham County. When she’s not teaching she loves to paint portraits. Her style is psychedelic and colorful with a twist of dark comedy. You can see her work on her Instagram page, along with her beautiful self-portraits, poetic quotes, & hilarious classroom art.

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Meet the Model: Sydney

cropped-dsc_8450.jpgMeet the model: Sydney is a Kentuckian who spent some time in Colorado working with WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) where she fed chickens & even helped build a yurt. Now, back in Louisville, she hopes to continue living off the grid as consciously as possible while confronting all the societal ‘norms.’
With a degree in Public Relations & a minor in Environmental Studies, Sydney plans to continue alternative living projects, and possibly travel to India with her boyfriend.
Her view on fashion & stereotypes: “I think I’m pretty androgynous. I think that stereotypes often go hand & hand with our relationship to earth. I’d like to challenge the typically negative stereotype of dreads with the conscious but classy efforts I put out.”

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Meet the Model: Maya


Meet the model: Maya is a Louisville native & millennial who co-founded StoryWood Bowties, a Louisville fashion business that salvages historic wood to offer people unique accessories w/ stories behind them. With a brand new studio space & a partnership with the head of UofL’s History Department, she’s excited to take the business to the next level.
Maya experienced hardship early in life by having to watch three of her siblings go through heroin addiction. At the same time, she feels fortunate to be blessed with a non-addictive personality.
After meeting her husband Maya became a Muslim and found hope in the Islam faith: “The more I learned about Islam the more beautiful it became to me and started speaking to my heart.”
Aside from expanding StoryWood Bowties, Maya’s future dreams are to travel the world & eventually start a family.

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