Finding Gratitude in Politically Turbulent Times

Now, more than ever it is clear that if you are a person who cares about equal rights for all human beings, environmental sustainability, & women’s right to make choices about their bodies without the interference of politicians’ religious agendas you are up against a rigid, bullying (and I think outdated!) mentality.

Michelle Obama’s words “When they go low we go high” really saved me recently.  In the midst of this new political climate I found myself in a heightened fight or flight state, watching news in horror, reactively reading articles & unfollowing people on Facebook, catching the buzz of fear in conversations. When you’re being reactive it’s easy to go low.  

But then I stopped and asked myself, what if I chose to be proactive- to go high?  What would that look like?

  1.  I started checking the websites of activist organizations each morning instead of news.  I have found them to be great sources of encouragement, including info & updates/ current happenings with a more uplifting/ mobilizing message and less fear-mongering than mainstream news.  (ACLU, NextGen, WomensMarch, 100DaysofAction, Stand With Standing Rock just to name a few!)
  2. I am paying more attention & visiting the websites of leaders & celebs who care about the same causes I do- like Gloria Steinem (her website has a wealth of information! (, Bernie Sanders, Michael Moore and Leonardo DiCaprio (who is making documentaries traveling around the world & interviewing scientists to greater understand climate change)
  3. All the uplifting news sites out there that are filled with positive, inspiring stories- (check out & the good news network)
  4. Getting to march in the women’s movement on Jan. 21st that was the largest protest in WORLD HISTORY.
  5. The steady and growing momentum of the movement which stands for love/ diversity/ inclusion/ equality- seeing men, women, kids, families, the elderly, people from all different countries & walks of life come together to stand for unity & equality.
  6. The mayor of my city, who declared Louisville a compassionate city & held a peaceful protest & resistance to the banning of immigrants which was attended by thousands.
  7. Getting invited & participating in postcard parties w/ friends, writing postcards to my senators- something I never would have done before!
  8. The fact that I can still love family members & coworkers who have different views.  & not think any less of them as people.  Choosing instead to focus on inclusion, what makes us the same- not what divides us.  (Ex:  You might know a Trump supporter and they may be passionate about their views.  Instead of focusing on how different your views are, focus on the fact that you both share the quality of passion.  Acknowledge it, like eating different meals but sitting at the same table.)
  9. The Obama Foundation!   Google it now. It’s informative, uplifting, inspiring, and a place you can go to get filled with hope.
  10. Michelle Obama’s quote, of course which will stay with me forever!


Ok- so there you have it!  Thanks for reading.  What have you found to be thankful for in the changing political climate?

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