10 Things to be Grateful for when you’re a Broke Creative

So you’re broke, eh?  Well, welcome to the club!  This morning fresh out of my yoga routine I watched my inner thoughts churn away:  You need to get a serger!  You need better equipment- a rotary cutter, a sleeve board, a cutting mat, measuring tools.  How are you gonna pay for professional photography?  Pay models?  You need more MONEY…aaaaaaaaaaaagh!

The tool that will serve you best when your thoughts reach this frenzy is to shift back into gratitude.  Do you have enough food to last you till next paycheck?   Do you have a place to stay & a warm bed to sleep in?   Do you have family & friends?  Can you work with what materials you DO have & keep it simple?  Can you Just focus on today? 

Here is a list of 10 things you can be thankful for even if you’re a financially struggling creative:

  1. Mother Nature is always there for you & she inspires!
    • walk/ hike
    • watch the sunset/ sunrise
    • breathe in the cool morning air like Henry David Thoreau
    • play in the snow
    • make a nature mandala (inspiration)
  2. Family & Friends don’t cost a thing- call them, share a meal, hang out.
  3. Time- it’s hugely valuable.  Think about how you’re using it & be thankful cause one day you might not have as much time. Time is freedom.
  4. Your Mind- Take advantage of it & explore deep states of meditation/ yoga, inner peace.
  5. Your health & self-care- Focus on it.  Be lovingly aware of your body/ movement/ breath.  Exercise- do jumping jacks in your room or run up & down stairs.  Give your body good stretching.
  6. Your local library- treat yourself to some free books, music, or movies!
  7. The internet (if you don’t have it use the library)- Soak up thousands of free articles & podcasts- look at this as an opportunity to study/ learn/ gather information.
  8. Free music on Spotify/ Pandora.
  9. Free live music at coffee shops, free or donation only events, volunteer opportunities, & free creative gatherings (drumming/ full moon/ meditation/ artists groups) in your city.  Is it in walking distance?  Could you ride the bus?
  10. Your creativity
    • go to a local park, art gallery, or simply around the block & take pics of random things w/ your phone.  If you don’t have a phone bring a journal & write about what you see.  Or just take it all in.
    • Play dress up w/ the clothes you already have- see how creative you can get.
    • Try a refashioning project- upcycle something old into something new (just type in “DIY” on Pinterest for a wealth of inspiration!)
    •  Make a Spotify playlist with a fun theme
    • Try writing a short story w/ a writing prompt
    • Draw images w/ a pencil & notepad

And there you have it!  All it takes is a little imagination.  And most importantly, go easy on yourself & do what you can TODAY.  What inventive things do you come up with to do when you’re broke?  What do you find to be thankful for?

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