The Gratitude Fashion Challenge

With fast fashion constantly showing us the latest thing and stores/ websites urging us to buy impulsively it can be easy to take the clothes in our closet for granted.  But do you ever take a minute to appreciate the clothes you already own?

Here’s a fun challenge that will inspire gratitude for your existing wardrobe AND help you explore your personal style (not to mention save some $!):

This month go through your closet & pick out 5 things that you are really thankful for. Ask yourself the following:

  • What is the meaning behind this piece? Is there a memory associated with it?
  • Does it bring me joy?
  • Is it cozy/ comfortable?  Does the fabric feel good?
  • Where did it come from?

Put these 5 items in the front section of your closet or out in the open where you can see them. This will help reinforce your personal style & connect you to the life behind the clothes that express how you are uniquely YOU- definitely something to be grateful for!

Here are my five:

  • An authentic 1970s Burberry trench coat that I found on Etsy & did some tailoring on myself to adjust the length.  I love 70s music & the HBO series Vinyl (despite critics’ horrible reviews!) This trench coat feels like a part of me now.


  • A green 100% wool fair trade coat that my mom bought me.  It was handknit in Nepal & purchased at Just Creations, a Louisville shop that sells only fair trade/ ethically produced items.  I love that it’s green (one of my favorite colors!) & has a hood.  It’s survived many winters & is always my go-to coat when I need to stay warm!wp_20170107_15_12_47_pro
  • Black vintage cowboy boots I found at a local record store/ thrift shop next door to a dive bar I used to play music at w/ friends.  Wearing them reminds me of the Old Louisville neighborhood & those open mic nights back in the day- unpolished, a bit wild, fun & gritty.  When I put Dr. Scholls inserts in them I was even more amazed at how comfortable they were!


  • Suede statement coat in 70s colors!  What can I say…I tried it on in a local vintage shop & two strangers commented, “That’s so YOU. You HAVE to get that!”  It was kind of a fashion risk but I guess that’s why they call it a statement piece…and now people always seem to respond positively to it when I wear it out.  Those are the moments I love- and couldn’t have planned it!


  • A Ralph Lauren cardigan in the softest EVER natural fiber blend (cashmere, angora, & merino wool) recently given to me by my sweet neighbor who has become a good friend. It’s so warm & cozy and I literally wore it for four days in a row after she gave it to me.  It reminds me of friendship & I am filled with gratitude when I wear it.wp_20170107_15_22_00_pro


Ok, now your turn!  Although I kept to a winter theme you don’t have to- just have fun & see what you discover.

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