What Are You Grateful For?

Good morning!  Today I’m enjoying the first snow here in Kentucky & diving a bit deeper into the gratitude mantra.  The goal is to make it a habit to capture 5 things you’re thankful for at the end of each day using a gratitude journal app on your phone (or paper journal)  What’s cool is that usually more than 5 things come up!

Here is a snapshot of the last couple months:

  • Gave myself some nice stretching/ yoga today
  • My roommate’s generosity helping me untangle a massive mess of yarn into a ball
  • Beautiful nature walk at Perrin Park, the geese flying overhead!
  • For a work event I was manning the registration booth at 7:00 AM, the caterer brought me breakfast (I was starving!), really kind of him.
  • The shower I took last night/ clean feeling
  • A feeling of productivity, being happily busy
  • Hot spiced milk I’m about to drink
  • The blog post I wrote, how the words flowed out of me
  • Awesome drum circle last night
  • The little steps I’m taking each day w/ my sewing, less is more approach
  • The time I took to clean out my closet/ simplify/ declutter
  • Morning walks in quiet peaceful air
  • Time off work and still paid!

What has been your experience w/ gratitude?  Do you keep a journal?  What has the practice taught you/ done for you?  And MOST IMPORTANTLY, what are you grateful for TODAY?   I’d love to hear! 🙂


Here’s a new upcycled scarf, comes w/ a teeny mantra tag ‘gratitude.’ Email me if interested: tara_kimes@yahoo.com

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