Winter Mantra: Gratitude

It’s time to roll out the new seasonal mantra!  This winter my intention is to spend more energy thinking about what it means to be thankful & practice a greater awareness of the good things in my life- gratitude.  Are you ready to dive into gratitude with me?

My fascination with gratitude started one night when I was sitting in the woods at a peaceful hermitage/ artist retreat enjoying a long conversation with a couple like-minded souls. One friend explained that gratitude is often misunderstood. The tendency is to give up because it feels so superficial…we think it takes something big & miraculous to truly be grateful for.  When in reality, the magic happens when you start focusing on the little things…ordinary  things in your day to day life that are going right.

Keep in mind it’s perfectly OK to let yourself feel frustration, anger, & irritation with what life hands you- that’s called being human(!)  But also let yourself notice the little joys of being human.  There is tremendous power in savoring a warm cup of tea, taking in the fresh morning air, & appreciating the friendliness of a coworker. And what’s really cool is the more you practice it the more it grows!

Here’s a gratitude word cloud to get you started:

wordcloudStay tuned…in the next post I’ll share some gratitude apps you can install on your phone. Get ready to jump start your gratitude practice!

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