50 Ways to Slow Down

Thank you so much for joining me this fall in practicing the slow down mantra!  It was insightful & definitely self-reflective & I hope you guys had similar experiences with it.

Also, I loved hearing your favorite ways to slow down.  Here are some of the ideas you shared:

  • Relax by a campfire with friends
  • Sit on the porch w/ a warm drink & read or watch the kids play
  •  Sit still with a cup of coffee or go for a walk & try to use all five senses
  • a soft gallop through the field on an ear-pricked pony
  • Shut my eyes and play meditation music, breathing regulated
  • NAPS
  • Yoga or reading a book for fun
  • enjoy a hot drink!

Although I did not get to blog about every single slow down tip, I did compile them all into a GIANT LIST so here ya go, 50 Ways to Slow Down:

  1. Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of grass-fed butter or coconut oil to your coffee.
  2. Turn down the radio/ music while driving.  ALL the way down.
  3. Find a book that you love- a real, actual, physical book- and read it.
  4. Lie in savasana pose, aka “corpse pose” for 5 to 10 minutes.  
  5. Call a friend instead of resorting to social media.
  6. Make yourself a home cooked meal.
  7. Lie down & let your thoughts wander without judgement…be lighthearted toward yourself.
  8. Make yourself a cup of tea. 
  9. Practice a few minutes of yin yoga.
  10. Journal.
  11. Treat yourself to a hot foot soak after work.
  12. Listen to experimental music.  
  13. Allow yourself to cancel plans or let go of an obligation.  
  14. Sit outside & just observe nature.
  15. Color.
  16. Try meditation.
  17. Take a slow walk.
  18. Iron you clothes.
  19. Make yourself a green smoothie.
  20. Do gentle neck stretches in the morning before work.
  21. Make your own granola bars.
  22. Listen to flute music.
  23. Visit a library.
  24. Play a record
  25. Read an article about mindfulness.
  26. Practice a few minutes of alternate nostril breathing.
  27. Take a nap.
  28. Use a relaxing aura mist at work. (my favorite one)
  29. Try a few minutes of self-massage (I recommend this book written by my yoga teacher)
  30. Make something DIY. (Pinterest is GREAT for inspiration!)
  31. Practice listening to others for 24 hours.
  32. Prep & make soup.  Stir/ cook/ chop/ wait/ enjoy.
  33. Spend some time with someone several decades older than you.
  34. Schedule a creative play date w/ yourself.  Use your imagination!
  35. Treat yourself to an organic bubble bath with candles.
  36. Go to a Tai Chi class.
  37. Prep, chop, & enjoy a big salad.  Make your own dressing.
  38. In traffic, see if you can let people over into your lane or pass you without it annoying you.
  39. Instead of travel apps on your phone or online maps, look at a globe.
  40. Open doors for people.
  41. When walking behind someone slow, pretend you’ve got their back & are walking with them.
  42. Set an intention before going to bed to remember your dreams in the morning. Reflect & ponder over it when you wake up. Let your thoughts wander.
  43. Have a long leisurely breakfast with a neighbor, friend, or family member.
  44. Enjoy a movie marathon.
  45. Watch the sun set.
  46. Watch the sun rise.
  47. Look through old Sears Robucks catalogs from the early 20th century.
  48. Pretend you don’t have a phone for a day.  Unplug.
  49. Read a novel or poetry written in a much earlier time period or century.
  50. Notice your own road rage or annoyance in traffic for 24 hours.  Challenge yourself to have a sense of humor.

Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned for winter’s mantra gratitude.


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