#28 Slow Down Tip

Visit a library.

Slow down and take a stroll through your local library.  Wander among the latest displays, see what the librarians are featuring.  Or just go straight to your favorite section & devour what’s new/ available.

Turn pages & take in the musty smell of old books…physical, tangible hardcovers & ancient writings, opinions, & philosophies of humanity.  Appreciate it- everywhere you turn are ideas, learning, inspiration so solid you can grab them & feel their history, literally!

Get into the slowness of it- give yourself freedom to live in an earlier time before internet & Google, when encyclopedias & phone books were the only way to search info.  And the quiet…savor the peace & solitude of exploring all that knowledge.

Thanks for reading today’s slow down tip.  How’s it going practicing the slow down mantra?  I’d love to hear in the comments!

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#29 Slow Down Tip

Listen to flute music.

There’s no musical instrument quite as mystical and yet so longingly familiar as the wooden/ bamboo flute.  When I listen to it it feels like I’m being instantly rooted & drawn back toward the earth,  & washed over with a melodic ‘coming home’ feeling.

The ancient sound can teleport me to magical places in my mind- a fire lit cavern, an enchanted forest, moonlight on a stream, red rocks in the desert, a canoe in a foggy lake, a waterfall…

If you’d like to feel slowed down, quieter, & more zen-like try listening to these ancient flute sounds.  They are so healing & will add a little beauty to your day or lull you to sleep at night!  Here’s a spotify playlist I created w/ mysterious sounds of the Japanese bamboo flute:


Thanks for reading this slow down tip as part of this fall’s mantra slow down.

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