#33 Slow Down Tip

Iron you clothes.

No, this is not the 1950s and you don’t have to be Suzy Homemaker…but ironing once in a while is a great way to slow down, as a meditative exercise.  And you’ll look oh-so-sharp in that wrinkle-free shirt!

When I started sewing I tried to get away with NOT ironing.  I dreaded it & these were my thoughts about it:  I have to set up an ironing board?  Buy an iron?  Put WATER in it?  Plug it in & wait for it to heat up?  And learn all those settings…UGH.

Well it turned out ‘all those settings’ were not intimidating, all it took was knowing my fabric (cotton, wool or acrylic?)  After time, the whole experience became a mindfulness practice.  It taught me that I really am capable of slowing down (and hemming clothes the right way!)

Thanks for reading today’s slow down tip.

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