#36 Slow Down Tip


Delight your inner child with a box of crayons & images of fairy tales, flowers, superheroes, animals, & whatever else strikes your fancy.


Coloring suspends the ‘adult’ critical, worrying, over-thinking mind for a bit & puts you in a slower, creative zone where negativity & stress can be channeled into something colorful & cool to look at.

Try shopping at a kids’ bookstore & see what they have in the coloring book section- you might be surprised.  I found this Paris Fashion coloring book!


Here’s a coloring exercise:  At the end of each day reflect on your general mood over the last 24 hours. Figure out what color you’d assign to that mood.  For example, if you had a great day you might categorize it ‘happy’ & choose yellow; days where you feel more negative might be black/ grey/ brown; & anger might be red.  On a blank paper color each of the colors you assign to your changing moods over a period of 2 weeks, then look at all the different colors you added.  What does it look like as a whole?  What colors occur the most?

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