#37 Slow Down Tip

Sit outside & just observe nature.

Whether it’s your backyard or a hiking trail, a pond or a park- take a few minutes to sit down & take it all in.  Just let yourself be an observer.

Listen to the sounds of birds chirping & bugs humming; notice what the fish are doing under the water & watch the bees crawl deep into the flowers & suck out the nectar.  Pay attention to all these little details, you might be surprised by the busy-ness of all that life scurrying about!


Can you find the frog?

My mom & I went hiking the other day & when we stopped & rested we noticed that all the sounds in the air just kind of blended together into one universal sound.  Like a chorus, nature’s white noise drifted by in an almost hypnotic way.  At one point I noticed my thoughts had completely stopped & I was absorbed in this state of peace.


At the end of our hike we made a nature mandala…just as it started to rain!  We stayed in the rain and finished it, then left it on the trail as a peace offering for other hikers.



Thanks for reading this slow down tip!

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