#38 Slow Down Tip

Allow yourself to cancel plans or let go of an obligation.  

In a culture that celebrates hyper-productivity we tend toward the ol’ FOMO (fear of missing out), but there are times when it’s completely ok to cancel plans or back out of something.  1) You’re physically exhausted. 2) You made the commitment out of guilt/ stress/ pressure.  3) You don’t have the money.

Give yourself a break.  Remove one thing from your to-do list or schedule if just to lighten your load.  You’ll feel a true sense of freedom from it, & probably a greater respect from others because you’re telling the truth instead of being in denial.

Recently my friend returned home to Kentucky after being in London for 8 days.  Despite the long flight & jetlag she kept going nonstop- she got up early, taught yoga classes, hosted a late social event, & was planning to lead/ perform yoga chanting the following night.  When she cancelled it just made sense.  She had been burning the candle at both ends.

Give yourself an out from time to time.  Instead of always filling the void with activities & plans, see what it feels like to clear out & open up a little space!

Thanks for reading today’s slow down tip.  Stay tuned for 37 more!

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