#42 Slow Down Tip of the Day

Practice a few minutes of yin yoga.  

Yin yoga is a style of yoga that’s much different from the peppy/ bendy rhythmic yoga sequences so common in yoga studios or hot yoga so intense that it leaves you feeling dizzy or nauseated.  These more yang types of yoga work our muscles, however yin yoga works our more inner, connective tissue.

Yin yoga involves holding yoga postures for a longer time (3 to 5 minutes).  This allows the body’s connective tissue (or fascia) to release toxins.  Scientists are also looking at how trauma & memory suppression is stored & released in the connective tissue.

Experience has shown me that yin yoga is balancing, soothing, supportive to connective tissue & can gently open & release the energy of old memories stored in the body.  Here is a yin yoga posture I use daily to unwind:

Lay on your back, arms straight out to your sides (in a T-shape).  Raise your legs w/ knees bent, then gently bring them over to one side.  Softly turn your head the opposite way & gaze at your hand.  Hold for 3 to 5 minutes, then switch directions.  It looks like this:


Thanks for reading today’s slow down tip!

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2 thoughts on “#42 Slow Down Tip of the Day

    • Yes!!! That’s a great way to describe it- like a massage! There have been some times when I leave class feeling euphoric…other times it’s not so much, more like processing/ releasing- but so similar to a massage!

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