Celebrating One Year- Woohoo!

There are exciting changes going on w/ my blog so figured it’s time for an update!  But first a quick thank you to everyone who has followed Mantra Made…I remember when I started this blog a year ago and was so stoked to get 10 followers- now there are over 50 of you!

The blog has expanded from a personal style journal to a website for a handmade clothing biz w/ a focus on eco-responsibility, spirituality, & giving back to the community.  And of course, more blog posts (like the current ’50 Ways to Slow Down’ series)!

Soooo….I think the best way to fill you in is to share the new ‘about’ page.  Here it is:


“Mantra” means “tool of the mind.” My vision for Mantra Made is to explore philosophy & ancient wisdom while creating handmade & upcycled clothing, and share the entire process with you!

I get inspiration for mantras from spiritual teachers, various books/ sources of ancient wisdom, quotes, & life experience. I contemplate and repeat the mantras at the same time that I release them to you, so we are in it together!

Repeating a mantra is powerful, and I think wearing a mantra could be even more powerful(!) because you carry it with you physically.

Here are some of the themes I intend to explore: peace activism, spirituality, self-love, authenticity, simplifying, slowing down, stillness, community, self-acceptance, eco-responsibility, indie-beauty, eco-fashion, slow-fashion, intuition, & harmony/ balance, humor, playfulness.

A portion of proceeds from Mantra Made clothing will always be donated to nonprofits.

If you have any ideas/ suggestions/ input, or are inspired by this and would like to be a part of it in some way contact me: tara_kimes@yahoo.com.  Community is a huge part of this!🙂wordcloud (3)


Sign up for Mantra Made’s quarterly newsletter and get mantras, playlists, & more emailed to you each season!

So, there you have it!  Thanks again & I look forward to sharing more of this journey w/ you!

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