#43 Slow Down Tip of the Day

Make yourself a cup of tea. 

Living with tea drinkers has made me appreciate a good cup of tea.  Every morning when I come downstairs into the kitchen my roommates are brewing a big pot of Earl Grey.  The flavor is delicious & earthy.

What I especially love about tea-drinking is that it slows you down a bit.  Having tea time with others is a way to relax & chat in the afternoon or have conversation with a roommate before leaving for work.

Having tea for one is an opportunity for mindfulness.  As you take each sip notice the flavors & notice yourself relaxing…pay attention to the ever-changing landscape of your mind.  Linger/ daydream/ think/ reflect.

My favorite two teas are chai & earl grey- both give you a little kick in the morning but don’t wear out your adrenals & nervous system like coffee.  What are your favorite teas?

Thanks for reading this slow down tip!


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