#44 Slow Down Tip of the Day

Lie down & let your thoughts wander without judgement…be lighthearted toward yourself.

Have you ever let yourself do nothing?  I mean REALLY do nothing.

We are so focused on being busy & productive in this culture that even the act of relaxing can seem like something ‘to get done.’  Today I’m gonna offer the most pressure-free way to totally let go & relax that I know of (no yoga techniques required):

Turn off the TV, turn down the music.  Put away your phone.  Lay on your bed or couch, stare up at the ceiling, & be okay with yourself not doing a damn thing. Don’t worry how silly or weird it is.  Just let your thoughts flow & watch them with the dearest love toward yourself, like a parent watches a child.  Give yourself time.  What do you notice?


Let the whole thing play out like a movie on a screen- even if it takes hours.  The point is to let your mind process what it needs to process, without hurrying or judging it.  Do this with total self-acceptance it can be a super relaxing, nourishing experience!

Thanks for reading today’s slow down tip 😉

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