#45 Slow Down Tip of the Day

“In the name of productivity, Fast Life has changed our way of being and threatens our environment and our landscapes. So Slow Food is now the only truly progressive answer.” – the Slow Food Movement Manifesto

Welcome back to Mantra Made’s slow down series, where I share ideas about slow philosophy, slow life, & offer ways to slow down and live by your own internal rhythm.  Tip #45 is:

Make yourself a home cooked meal.

Whether you do it impromptu by grabbing a few things out of the fridge or you plan ahead & prep it w/ a recipe, the end reward is the same- you get an opportunity to slow down & nourish yourself.

I’ve been taking notes from Louisvillian Erin Brennan of Living Bliss Wellness, a nutrition coach who shares delicious nourishing recipes on her Instagram.  I’ve been enjoying one of her creations, “loaded sweet potato,” a super easy home cooked meal that’s fun to make:


Bake a sweet potato & load it w/ your favorite toppings- the possibilities are endless!  This one has tomatoes, avocado, pinto beans & cashew nacho cheese.

The thing I love most about cooking for myself is that I know what ingredients are going into my meal & my body, unlike at a fast food joint.  It never fails that when I do go off course and eat a Wendy’s  cheeseburger at best I feel overly full but not nourished, and at worst sick from all the grease.

Slowing down & cooking on the other hand, is enormously satiating, satisfying, & joyful, especially if the ingredients are fresh, local, or organic.  Bonus points if you use vegetables & herbs from your garden!

Thanks for reading this & stay tuned for more slow down tips.

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