#46 Slow Down Tip of the Day

Call a friend instead of resorting to social media.

These days it’s habitual for us to reach out for Facebook or Snapchat or any other of the zillion social media apps to quench our boredom.  Today I challenge you to slow down that compulsion, close the app or walk away from the computer and call someone- have a slow conversation!  (Or text them & invite them to hang out- the point is to connect w/ a real person.)

Call that friend you meant to hang out with a month ago.  Catch up with your sister or brother. Invite your neighbor over for breakfast.  Call your mom or dad and see how they’re doing. Follow through on meeting that interesting person you traded contact info with for coffee.

Slow down all the hurried chatter and chaos of living on autopilot & bring more meaningful conversation into your life.  Embrace the slowness of one-on-one connections!

Thanks for reading this slow-down tip of the day 😉

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