Slow Down Tip of the Day #48

Find a book that you love- a real, actual, physical book- and read it.  Before bed, at breakfast, on the bus, on your work break- just read it.

I love this 99U article about how to master the lost art of reading (although I don’t agree with the author’s radical suggestion to buy instead of borrow from libraries.)  His tip for following your book muse:

“If you see anything that remotely intrigues you–just get it. Quit books that don’t hold your interest or deliver the goods. Swarm onto topics that do, even if there is no immediate relevancy to what you’re doing.”

I took his advice and the one that drew me in was a biography about Queen Elizabeth I. It’s been so cool to learn about the 1500s & how different life was then.  For example, they didn’t have clocks so they burned candles or looked at the sun to tell time- talk about slowing down!



Reading physical books is a great way to slow down, focus your mind, and achieve a sort-of zen state.  Thanks for checking out this slow-down tip of the day!

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