Slow Down Tip of the Day #49

Sooo…yesterday I introduced “50 Ways to Slow Down.”  Let’s make this fun and count backwards, a slow down countdown!  Here’s #49:

Turn down the radio/ music while driving.  ALL the way down.

Whether it’s NPR, hip hop, podcasts, or the rush of loud rock music, it’s all distracting and causes us to get lost in drama in our heads, or go deeper into our story while driving.  More often than not this results in speeding, passing others impatiently, or simply losing focus of what’s actually happening on the road.

See if you can, just for one day, leave off the radio while driving.  Notice any outside sounds, if your breathing is shallow or deep, what the drivers around you are doing.  Observe your thoughts and see what you find!

In 2008 I drove myself to Asheville, NC once a month for a yoga teacher training.  I drove 6 hours there and 6 hours back (a total of 12 hours in the car each time!)  When my car radio broke I was so freaked out I dealt with it by drinking large amounts of coffee and eating chocolate while singing mantras loudly to myself for hours.  But then something shifted.  

I started to be quiet- outside and inside my head.   Outside my window I saw the mountains, took in their presence.  I felt more alive.  The curves of the road, the horizon, & the green valleys all seemed to wind together at their own pace- I felt in tune with it all.

Turning off the radio while driving is a beautiful way to slow down!   Try it out and let me know how it goes in the comments.  🙂

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