Becoming a Slow Fashionista

We live in a culture of scattered thoughts, scattered energy, scattered plans, and I’m tired of rushing myself to try and keep up.  Have you ever stopped and listened to your inner dialogue when you’re hurrying toward something you chose to do out of obligation?  Or maybe you’re rushing a fragmented (not-very-well-thought-out) plan or idea?   If you’re like me, you might have noticed it’s not a very kind voice. More like a worried, pushy, critical, or resentful voice.

So I am doing an experiment.  I am asking my kinder inner voice to come out & play by creating my own version of a slow-down ‘hermitage’ for the next 3 months….with a focus on slow fashion.


And am going to soothe my brain with this book:


And take long, leisurely walks through thrift stores, feel the fabrics, get new ideas for upcycling(!) Show some love to that big box of fabric scraps and unfinished sewing projects under the table(!) Study fashion design and read articles/ watch videos by the experts.  To give myself TIME to do this…deep sigh of relief.


Also, I’m going to take the pressure off myself to ‘be out,’ ‘go out,’ or ‘run errands’ and replace that with staying home doing these simple activities:

  • reading books
  • meditating
  • journaling
  • blogging
  • knitting
  • getting better at cleaning (using more soap on dishes/ actually vacuuming my bedroom carpet!)
  • working out to my own inner rhythm (aka running up & down the stairs to James Brown)
  • making myself a smoothie every day
  • taking slow walks through my neighborhood.

I am limiting my driving to a few simple places- work, grocery store, & yoga/ meditation/ self-reflective activities (and of course the occasional trip to the thrift store!)

I’m looking forward to this slow fashion hermitage & will let you know how it goes!


Taking notes from Doughnut…he knows how to find cozy places & create his own little hermitages.

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