Scarves for Nonprofits: STRIVE


Part of Mantra Made’s mission is community.  One of the most awesome things going down in the Louisville community is a nonprofit called STRIVE that facilitates music therapy sessions and drum circles and bringing one of Mantra Made’s favorite things, peace activism, to the world.

What I love about STRIVE’s Life Rhythms & musical meditations is the peaceful, blissed out feeling you take out into the world with you after the sessions.  I find myself opening doors for people and having more open conversations, generally experiencing more kindness when in that state (not to mention feeling loosened up and like I have more rhythm!)

Imagine more and more people experiencing that!  Sooo….in honor of peace activism and community Mantra Made is donating 100% of its profits from scarves to STRIVE this fall.

Help the world de-stress a little one scarf at a time!  Just go here and pick one out (there are special deals for bundles).  Thank you so much for visiting Mantra Made.  🙂


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