#39 Slow Down Tip

Listen to experimental music.  

Experimental music expands past the common song structure we’re used to  & deconstructs it into sounds that are more abstract & noise-like.  Listening to it slows you down because of the level of mindfulness it requires to pay attention.

I turned on a playlist of experimental genre songs the other day thinking it would just hang in the background…but it sort of pulled me in like slow theater & took me to an introspective place.  Experimental music is meditative without trying to be.

Here is my friend Nathan’s playlist.  Try it out & explore the sounds…let me know how your inner journey goes 🙂




#40 Slow Down Tip

Treat yourself to a hot foot soak after work.

Did you know the feet have 60 acupressure points?  The hot water stimulates them, opening up energy flow & circulation.  And the heat sends a signal of expansion/ slowing down/ relaxing all through the body.

Fill the tub with enough hot water to cover your feet.  Add your favorite soap, essential oils or Epsom salt, throw a towel over the edge of the tub & sit/ soak your feet for 5-10 minutes.

I love doing this after work (even though sometimes I resist the ‘effort’ of getting myself to the tub).  It’s amazing what a 5 minute self-care routine can do.  The experience feels super rejuvenating,  resets my mind & as a bonus I end up with clean feet.

Give yourself something to look forward to on hump day!  Try the afternoon hot water foot soak & see if it shifts your energy, your mind, & maybe your whole day!

Thanks for reading today’s slow down tip.

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Slow Philosophy 101: Practicing the ‘Slow Down’ Mantra


I introduced the slow down mantra a couple weeks ago as part of Mantra Made’s fall collection and have been silently repeating it, practicing it, & being humbled by it. I promised I’d report back to you, so here’s what’s happening:

I’m noticing things more- a broken light in my closet, a dirty carpet that needs to be vacuumed.  Slowing down helps you be more attentive.

I’m learning that it’s totally, 100% ok to back out of a decision or say no to plans rooted in burden,  stress, or obligation.  Slowing down changes your decision making process to reflect your wellbeing.  

I’m dropping the illusion that ‘something’s wrong if I stay home too much’ and instead realizing it’s joyful to do domestic activities. Slowing down soothes the anxiety of “I have to distract myself/ escape myself/ look outside.”


Slow fashion project- DIY blanket scarf!

I’m laughing more at my road rage.  The other day my mom was riding with me while I got irritated by the slow speed of the driver in front of us & growled “Arrrgh why are you going so SLOW?” I suddenly remembered the mantra I preach & mom couldn’t hold back her laughter at the irony of it.  We both cracked up.  Slowing down helps you have more of a sense of humor toward yourself.

I’m changing my perspective of ‘productive.’  The other day a conversation in my head went: “Ugh…arrrrgh. Why are you so lazy? You should be doing more, getting more done, going places, talking to people, doing things.”  The truth?  That day I had listened to 4 podcasts & applied to 2 jobs, added ruffles to the bottom of a dress, changed the sheets on my bed & re-made it, practiced alternate nostril breathing meditation, & cooked for myself. ALL while fighting off the flu. Then it hit me. I don’t need to do more, I need to stop & acknowledge what I’ve done.   Slowing down shifts your perspective.


Slow fashion project- made ruffles out of a t-shirt & added to a dress!

And finally, I’m being challenged to work more slowly on projects.  I was so excited to sell a dress to a customer that I made it without doing research about armhole sizing.  Turns out though it was an x-small like she asked, the armhole depth was too big.  The lesson?   Slow down & take exact measurements, embrace details & research. Don’t wing it! Slowing down helps you avoid mistakes & save time in the long run.  

Visit mantramade.org to keep up with Mantra Made’s slow down series, where I share 50 tips for slowing down.  

More interested in the clothes?  Check out this fall’s slow down collection of mantra bead cardigans, boho scarf jackets, & scarves for nonprofits.

Want to go even MORE down the rabbit hole of slowing down?  Listen to this recent NPR TED Radio Hour podcast on slowing down.


#41 Slow Down Tip of the Day


Get out a notebook, your laptop, desktop, diary…whatever format is available to you and write.  Even if it’s just one sentence.  Use it as a way to slow down & observe your own behavior.

With a sense of humor, ask yourself deep questions:

  • What about my ego/ personality holds me back?  What do I like about myself?
  • What theme keeps coming up at work?  
  • How did my inner dialogue sound today- like a critic or a friend?  
  • How am I improving on X issue?  
  • What support am I getting?  
  • What do I have the deepest gratitude for?  
  • What goals do I want to achieve by the end of this month?  What little steps can I take today to reach them?  
  • What color best describes my mood today?

Be honest, be wacky.  Your only audience is you so might as well make it fun.  Sometimes I draw pictures when I really need to lighten up on myself!


OK…now that I got the laughs out (hadn’t looked at those pics in years!) back to the main point:

The idea is to give yourself a space to recharge, retreat, uncover new insights, & get to a place of moving forward, that sweet release.  The power of journaling is that it lets you express your truest self to your observer self.  As silly as that sounds, self reflection is a profound way to slow down.

Try it and watch how magically you’ll start to befriend yourself, process your mood & emotions more smoothly, & be more patient toward all the stuff that goes on in your ego/ mind/ life!

Thanks for reading today’s slow down tip.

Remember Mantra Made is donating 100% of scarf proceeds to a special nonprofit this fall so you can support a great cause & receive a unique, one-of-a-kind upcycled scarf!!  Learn more.


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When Historic Wood Becomes Fashion

Hi.  Today I wanted to share about a new ecofashion project in Louisville, KY.  My friends Maya & Ali had the idea to drive around the city, look for buildings with historic value that have wood with some life left in it, & reclaim the wood to create fashion- wooden bowties!

Out of this idea their company StoryWood Bowties was born.  Recently I had the opportunity to help them make the neckbands for their bowties.  Here is a quick lil’ video of the process:

I especially love that each bowtie has a story- the bowtie in the video is from the pews of an old church that at one time was part of the Underground Railroad in the 1800s.

Recently Louisville Public Media interviewed Maya & Ali- you can read that here.  You can also find out more about StoryWood Bowties by visiting their Facebook page.

#42 Slow Down Tip of the Day

Practice a few minutes of yin yoga.  

Yin yoga is a style of yoga that’s much different from the peppy/ bendy rhythmic yoga sequences so common in yoga studios or hot yoga so intense that it leaves you feeling dizzy or nauseated.  These more yang types of yoga work our muscles, however yin yoga works our more inner, connective tissue.

Yin yoga involves holding yoga postures for a longer time (3 to 5 minutes).  This allows the body’s connective tissue (or fascia) to release toxins.  Scientists are also looking at how trauma & memory suppression is stored & released in the connective tissue.

Experience has shown me that yin yoga is balancing, soothing, supportive to connective tissue & can gently open & release the energy of old memories stored in the body.  Here is a yin yoga posture I use daily to unwind:

Lay on your back, arms straight out to your sides (in a T-shape).  Raise your legs w/ knees bent, then gently bring them over to one side.  Softly turn your head the opposite way & gaze at your hand.  Hold for 3 to 5 minutes, then switch directions.  It looks like this:


Thanks for reading today’s slow down tip!

Remember Mantra Made is donating 100% of scarf proceeds to a special nonprofit this fall so you can support a great cause & receive a unique, one-of-a-kind upcycled scarf!!  Learn more.

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Celebrating One Year- Woohoo!

There are exciting changes going on w/ my blog so figured it’s time for an update!  But first a quick thank you to everyone who has followed Mantra Made…I remember when I started this blog a year ago and was so stoked to get 10 followers- now there are over 50 of you!

The blog has expanded from a personal style journal to a website for a handmade clothing biz w/ a focus on eco-responsibility, spirituality, & giving back to the community.  And of course, more blog posts (like the current ’50 Ways to Slow Down’ series)!

Soooo….I think the best way to fill you in is to share the new ‘about’ page.  Here it is:


“Mantra” means “tool of the mind.” My vision for Mantra Made is to explore philosophy & ancient wisdom while creating handmade & upcycled clothing, and share the entire process with you!

I get inspiration for mantras from spiritual teachers, various books/ sources of ancient wisdom, quotes, & life experience. I contemplate and repeat the mantras at the same time that I release them to you, so we are in it together!

Repeating a mantra is powerful, and I think wearing a mantra could be even more powerful(!) because you carry it with you physically.

Here are some of the themes I intend to explore: peace activism, spirituality, self-love, authenticity, simplifying, slowing down, stillness, community, self-acceptance, eco-responsibility, indie-beauty, eco-fashion, slow-fashion, intuition, & harmony/ balance, humor, playfulness.

A portion of proceeds from Mantra Made clothing will always be donated to nonprofits.

If you have any ideas/ suggestions/ input, or are inspired by this and would like to be a part of it in some way contact me: tara_kimes@yahoo.com.  Community is a huge part of this!🙂wordcloud (3)


Sign up for Mantra Made’s quarterly newsletter and get mantras, playlists, & more emailed to you each season!

So, there you have it!  Thanks again & I look forward to sharing more of this journey w/ you!