“Slowing Down=Power” Playlist

I am looking out my window at wet leaves glistening and swaying as a storm sweeps through and feeling a shift in the room.  The air cools and all my previous cursing of this blazing sticky hot Kentucky day changes to gratitude.  Time stops for a while.

It seems like the perfect moment to share a playlist.  If you haven’t heard, I am a huge fan of mixing fashion with spirituality (and music!).  Part of my vision is to pair mantras with clothing.

My favorite definition of spirituality is “management of the mind,” (from Amma the hugging saint!)  Mantras are a great tool to do that.

The mantra I’ve been reflecting on so much lately is ‘go slow.’  It has dawned on me in recent months that slowing down= power.  In celebration of that here is a playlist I made that’s full of songs that remind one to slow down.  Enjoy!

Read more about my thoughts on slowing down.


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