Eccentric, Colorful People who Think Outside the Fashion Box

After months of exploring fashion Instagram accounts, blogs, and magazine articles I rounded up some of the most unusual, charismatic, and magnetic people I could find. Here are some folks making waves in the fashion world who you can’t help but fall in love with:

Linda Rodin

Photo by Gabor Jurina

Photo by Gabor Jurina

She’s so cool that it’s beyond cool…we need a new word for her. At 65, she’s got the most wicked sense of style of anyone I’ve EVER seen, makes her own perfumes and skincare oils (which turned into a successful business), collects antiques, and has been featured in gorgeous personal style photos for various fashion designers and magazines. Here is a fantastic interview and gorgeous images that offer a glimpse into her world.

Pari Ehsan

Pari Dust_Barneys_11

Imagine an Instagram feed that features beautiful art (paintings, interior design, gallery installments, sculptures, colorful stencils, furniture and home decor) and fashion styled to match the aesthetic of the art.  The model, Pari Ehsan, is also the visionary for these exquisite photos which she calls ‘pairings,’ aka magical visions that come from inside her head.  Currently living in New York, Pari happens to be from southern Indiana (my hometown!), and I am thrilled to have discovered her website and Instagram.

The Editors of Lone Wolf Magazine

Cover of Lone Wolf Magazine #6 by Suzanne Rensink

Lone Wolf is a forward-thinking fashion publication that works to empower women with images that don’t make us feel bad after looking at them, but rather inspire and educate the hell out of us.  Progressive and feminist, their editors refuse to show pics of passive models, and instead pair their editorials with essays on history, philosophy, psychology, art history, and feminism. In a recent issue a beautiful model is depicted as a math genius.  They put out two issues per year which you can subscribe to here.  Read their mind-blowing mission statement, and one of their imaginative articles.

Leandra Medine

Leandra Medine’s blog, Man Repeller, is hilariously irreverent.  With articles like The Rules of Style by Saved by the Bell, a monthly thesis that discusses a philosophical question (see Is Everything We Do a Selfie?), interviews with New York fashion designers, Instagram roundups, and her own Podcast; Leandra is a true seeker and one-of-a-kind fashionista.  Her blog is not only making waves in the fashion world, but it’s liberating and fun.

Claire Beermann


Germany-based fashion writer Claire Beermann who is…well, just freakin’ adorable, runs the highly original fashion blog C’est Clairette.  I fell in love with her Instagram feed, which shows her bright, innovative, and eccentric dresses and styles.   At only 21, she stands out from the pack.  Not only has she been featured in Vogue, InStyle, Man Repeller, and won awards for her blog, but she is bright, fun, and comfortable in her own skin.  What a gift at 21!

The Art of Pampering Yourself: 12 Things Every Girl Needs

Here are some comforting things that all of us girls could use when we feel sad, reflective, moody, out-of-synch, pms, blah, meh, ugh, or just arrrrrgh.  

1. A heating pad.  

Plug that baby in, switch it on high and lean back.  Feel your muscles give in and release until worries and stress melt away.  Ahhhhh….

2. A soft fuzzy sweater or blanket.

Truly something every lady must have in her closet- that one sweater that’s like an old faithful friend who greets you for morning coffee, or is there for you when you’re sick.  A favorite blanket works just as well!

3. A guilty pleasure tv show and/or chick flick.

Housewives of New York, Sex and the City, I Love Lucy, The Last Unicorn, that Beastly movie with one of the Olson twins; pretty much anything a guy has made fun of you for watching. In my case it was The Facts of Life reruns and Moonlighting checked out at my local library. Such freedom comes from fully embracing your inner uncool girl!

4. Chocolate.


5. A journal and pen.

Keep a notebook and pretty pen in your bag or an online journal in a Word doc. that you can journal your thoughts on.  Start with the line Today I feel __________.  Write a love letter to yourself, imagining what someone who loved you unconditionally would say. Make a list of goals/ hopes/ dreams/ intentions.  See where it takes you!

6. A coloring book and crayons/ colored pencils.

These have made a comeback like crazy and can be found in local bookstores and online.  I even saw one in the grocery store. My favorite one is an Alice in Wonderland theme.  So soothing, so comforting…gotta try coloring if you haven’t yet!

7. A bath with Epsom salt and candles.

One of the best things about a bath is it gives space for your mind to stop, even if just for a few seconds.  Really savor those few deep breaths, those 15 min. of silence, the peaceful glow of the flame.  Sink into tranquility and emerge a new woman.

8. A coffee date with mom.

Call your mom and the two of you go to a quirky bohemian coffee shop for a bit and talk.  Philosophize, catch up, learn, ask, share, laugh.  Treat yourself to one of those delicious blended drinks you usually avoid.  Let the conversation linger, and most of all be thankful cause your mom won’t be around forever.

9 The blogosphere.

Dip into some other bloggers’ wells of inspiration.  It’s fun browsing tags in the WordPress Reader, discovering new bloggers to follow or connect with, and seeing all the original posts happening in real time.  Explore! After all, psychology has shown curiosity is linked to well-being.

10. A love song playlist.

Create a playlist of all your favorite love songs- go as girly as you need to. Mine has tons of Mandy Moore and even that awkward song from that Hugh Grant/ Drew Barrymore movie. Listen to it, not with longing or wanting to fill a void, but with a sense of the songs’ messages being sung to yourself, with self-love, a sense of fullness.  You won’t believe the magical healing that’ll take place!

11. Nail polish.

Paint your nails every color of the rainbow and colors that don’t even exist yet.  Gold and silver.  Black.  Sparkles. Stickers.  Fake nails.  The hand is your blank canvas!

12. Lavender essential oil.

The scent of lavender is heavenly.  You can purchase oil in health food stores or online.  Use it to relax, soothe anxiety and irritability, or calm stress.  Sprinkle some on your pillow for a good night’s sleep.

Thanks for reading!  Hope these things bring a little more self-love, peace, and harmony to your day.